About Sam

It wasn’t always obvious that I was going to become an editor. I studied at University of Wales, Cardiff in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting. Very quickly, I realised I didn’t really want to be a journalist and ended up getting involved in the Student Radio Station as a way to make myself feel better about my poor choice of course. This is where I think I really developed my interest in media and production, and after graduating I set about trying to figure out how to get into Radio.

I moved home, intending to just set up a temporary base there before heading back to Cardiff where there seemed a few opportunities, and ended up somehow accidentally getting a job for a TV production company in my hometown instead, working as a runner on a stop-motion animation series.

The rest was only really a matter of time. Editing grabbed me from the very beginning, and I was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to play with it, until suddenly I was actually doing it full time. Since then, I’ve worked on some great projects, and some not so great projects, but I still manage to keep the same passion and intensity that really got me here in the first place.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my ever expanding family, films and hiding behind my hands whilst watching Arsenal.